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At The Mad House, we provide solutions that break the mould and get our clients noticed.

What We Do

Simply put – we create custom websites, and all that goes along with it.

Custom Web based & Print solutions

Just like your listings should convey great "curb appeal", your real estate marketing materials should communicate the same message. The look and feel of your marketing materials plays a big part in how effective they will be as selling tools.

Innovative Branding & Marketing Strategies

YOU ARE YOUR BRAND- Competing with 35,000 other agents in the GTA is tough. Your logo, color scheme and style is what positions you in the feild. Have higher standards than the other 34,999 agents out there. This is where MAD House comes in.

Advanced Search Tools & Property Listings (MLS© and Realtor.ca)

To compete in the market, your website must allow users to search for property listings. Our Search Hub™ solution is a fully integrated and incredibly powerful tool that you'll be proud to display on your website!

Why choose The Mad House you ask?
Well, for starters...


Sure, you could choose the agency that has over 1,000 clients and you would be 1,001 on that list — or you could work with us. We're smaller, but our passion and personality rivals the biggest creative agencies.


Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop for everything from concept to print, to build and support your business. We understand the "working-for-yourself" pain-points and are proud to offer unparelled quality for "template based" pricing.


It's no secret the real estate industry is known for their lax in technical and creative web presence. But we are here to change that! We guarantee your customized print and web content will blow your client’s, co-workers and potential clients socks off!


Our team understands that prompt and timely service is just as important as quality. We work together to provide service and support as well as short turn-around time and meet deadlines

Our Stellar Services

No project is too big, no project is too small.
From extensive brokerage websites,
to simple business card design, we do it all !
(and we can make things rhyme!)

Custom Website Design/Mobile Platform

People make snap judgements. It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, and websites are no different. We believe everyone should be entitled to a killer website. Each website is highly customized as a true extension of you. We don't believe in "templates" or cookie cutter solutions. You are competing with 40,000 other realtors out there! You need to stand out.

Print Material

A Realtor's print material is just as important as their web presence. Think of each business card you hand out, each flyer that you post, as leaving your mark and creating a presence.
Own the bragging rights to top quality print material. Leave a lasting impression with "outside the box" design, stunning graphics that captures your message and brand.

Signage & Large press

Benches, cans, billboards and decals! What better way to gain exposure than an "in-your-face" signage compaign. Our expert designers use specialized methods to make sure you stand out!

Brand Identity and Logo Design

As a Realtor and small business, you're every bit as much a brand as Apple, Coke, Pepsi, Target etc. and your branding is just as important!

Agent Marketing Strategies

Now that you have a killer brand identity, pheonominal website and killer collateral, it's time to get that out there!

Advanced Search Tools & Property Listings

We've taken the home search process to a new level! Advanced map and neighbourhood search features, search widgets and listings feeds, makes our Search Hub one of the most comprehensive and advanced search platforms out there

Introducing Search Hub™

Providing your visitors with the most comprehensive search tool out there! -Powered by MerkSites

Advanced Search Tools

In today’s fierce and competitive market, your Realtor website requires a cutting edge, user friendly search feature and search elements. Search Hub provides visitors with the ability to search via City, Neighbourhood, # of rooms, # of garages and more!

Standard search forms have been upgraded to extensive, custom search forms and provides results in a user friendly and easily viewed grid. Icons provide visitors with information about the property at first glance.

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Extensive Map & Neighbourhood Search

Our Extensive Map   Neighbourhood Search tool, gives your visitors a fully interactive map interface so that they can browse for MLS® listings using an appealing graphical interface. A stellar, user friendly map search is an essential part of attracting visitors and keeping them on your website.

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Fully-Integrated Current Listing Feeds

We love automation!

Thanks to our fully integrated listing software, current MLS© and Realtor.ca listing Feeds refresh every 24 hrs.

After providing our technical team with the locations of your choice, only properties within your specified area will appear in your listing feeds, ensuring your visitors are viewing the properties in areas, demographics and price ranges you specialize in.

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Feature Property Showcase

Ensure your listings are the first thing visitors see! We've developed a unique menu bar feature which allows you to showcase your Feature Properties directly in the navigation area. Hover over the tab, and a large drop down, including a hi-res images, pricing and feature icons appear!

Just another way The Search Hub helps showcase the most important info. Your info.

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Hi-Res Image Banners

What better way to showcase properties than in hi-res! Rotating banners provides vivid, clear and aesthetically pleasing presentations of our Current Listing Feeds.

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Mobile Friendly Version

Ensure that visitors can search and view listings where ever they are.

Condensed, mobile optimized versions of your website is created and launched at the same time. Your visitors can either be automatically redirected, or we can create a custom landing page, enabling you to have full control of how your website viewed on multiple devised.

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MAD House love

Here are some words from some very happy clients (unsolicited of course!)

"Bar none, probably the nicest realtor site I have ever seen, I am thoroughly impressed" was one of many comments I received from a colleague on my website design. I recommend Maddy unequivocally and will continue to use her concept designs throughout my career.

Needless to say, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Thank you, Maddy.”

Marga Rival-Sales Representative - rivalhomes.ca

Maddy Ruiz is by far one of the most talented people that I have ever met. She has a keen eye for design and marketing that seems very natural and effortless. It is easy to tell that she really cares for your success. She has assisted me with logo branding, creating my website, personal branding, all marketing material including cards signs and larger banner type marketing material. I would never consider using anyone else at this point. She does it all.

Konstantine Bisbikos-Sales Representative - bishomes.ca

Thanks so much for eveything!

Mike Cartwright-Broker - mainstreetrealtyltd.com


"You guys are awesome. Exceeded all expectations and couldnt be more pleased with all of our team materail"

The Montesano Group- Sales Representative - TheMontesanoGroup.coa

I love my site and can't wait to further my brand with the help of The Mad House

Jessika Morelli-Sales Representative - JessikaMorelli.comcom

I went to The Mad House with nothing...no brand...no presence...nothing. I now have a website I proud to promote, a card I'm proud to leave behind and an overall brand I'm extremely proud to rep!

Margaret Mead- Sales Representative - margaretmead.ca

7I would recommend Winchester Theme to anyone who wants to have a creative portfolio, either design studio or freelancer.

Mark Stringer - webfolio.com

8I would recommend Winchester Theme to anyone who wants to have a creative portfolio, either design studio or freelancer.

Mark Stringer - webfolio.com

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